Coston-Criswell Group, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was established in 2007 to include both the joint and individual business ventures of Roland and Bethany Criswell. The group includes Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home, Inc., Trinitee, L.P., Artcraft Design Group, Kimbo Realty, LLC, and the couples latest venture, Ark Transportation Services.  

Coston-Criswell Consulting was created in 2010 by Roland and Bethany Criswell.  

Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home, Inc. located at 427 Lincoln Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pa., was established by Samuel and Wanda Coston in 1963. The funeral home primarily services Allegheny County. Samuel Coston, an entrepreneur at heart, received his mortuary license in the 1950's while working at Cain and later Gambrel Funeral Homes, both in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

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  Trinitee, L.P. was created in 2005 by Roland and Bethany Criswell. The company primarily manages real estate purchased by Kimbo Realty.
Kimbo Realty, LLC was formed in 2005 by Roland and Bethany Criswell. The company is responsible for acquiring real estate for the Coston-Criswell Group.
Ark Transportation Services was created in 2007 to provide first class, superior transportation service. Ark specializes in transportation for weddings, proms, private use (with chauffer) and special occasions. Our fleet includes an array of Cadillac vehicles including a DeVille, SRX and limousine. We also offer transportation for larger parties.

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Since its creation in 2003, Artcraft Design Group has produced innovative, award winning publications. The company has worked on various projects with Pittsburgh-based businesses including Mt. Ararat Baptist
Church, Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home, Pneuma
Publishing and Kingdom People Productions

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