Roland J. Coston-Criswell is a licensed funeral director with an Organizational Development background. He is the President of Coston Funeral Homes, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pa. Since acquiring the position as manager of operations in 2002, the firm has doubled its call volume under the leadership of Roland J. Coston-Criswell. Coston Funeral Homes, Inc. received the Best of the Best award from the National Funeral Directors Association in 2007, 2008 and 2009. This award is bestowed upon the top two percent of funeral homes in the country. Coston Funeral Homes, Inc. is the only firm from the state of Pennsylvania to have ever received this award and the only firm in the world to have received the award in three consecutive years.

Roland J. Coston-Criswell is a graduate of the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science where he is a guest lecturer on professional development, business development and customized creative services. He is also past President of the Quaker State Funeral Directors Association Western District.

Roland J. Coston-Criswell is best known within the industry for creating the layout titled “The Ultimate Steelers Fan”. To name just a few media outlets that covered the work, it was featured in the Washington Post, USA Today (national and international editions) and on ESPN.

Roland J. Coston-Criswell is a graduate of Geneva College with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Development. His research focused on developing and implementing Organizational Development principles in a funeral service setting.